"The JWI approach assures quality and value without unnecessary work product"

JWI Methodology


Engagement Letters

The engagement letter, individually tailored and agreed up-front with each client for each engagement, defines the service provision, work product and solutions JWI will deliver. We value the establishment of terms, transparency and accountability that comes with the process of agreeing the scope and terms of appointment. The interaction defines your expectations and confirms our commitments and forms a basis for an ongoing, rewarding relationship.

The Scoping Report

Our experience dictates that even with the establishment of an engagement letter, clients can over or under estimate the scope and extent of issues and problems which they are experiencing and seeking solutions or advice. Upon appointment, JWI consultants work with our clients to fully scope the problem with the client and provide a written report detailing the findings. Although costs are incurred, this process has proven invaluable in identifying the context and scope of issues faced and in more cases than not, provides options previously unrecognized that eventuate with a lower cost solution than previously agreed. Upon completion of the Scoping Report, the Engagement Letter will be revisited and amended where necessary with agreement with our client.

Progress Reporting

JWI consultants pride themselves on working with clients and their teams and see effective communication as essential in providing highest quality, tailored and innovative solutions and advice. Client expectations vary, but our progress reporting, frequency of, scope of and information focus are agreed with clients during the Scoping process to ensure identified stakeholders are informed and receive "no suprises". Assignment governance is established up-front mutually with our clients, with our focus being effective risk mitigation and communication leading to expectations in accordance with scope.

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